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Creator of Slimy Thief Webcomic.
My first idea on this topic, was to tell about how bad I felt to ask money on internet, without rewarding my supporters with equal art effort. But now after the My Patreon, I got really pushed to fulfill your expectations. I'm so productive! Just wait there will be a lot of cool stuff comming your way! Thank you for the support!

We are Brazilians.

When you compare that we are 7th at world's GPD and the 79th at HDI you see that's there is something really wrong here. 

The world technology advance mixed with educational decline brew a new form of internet trolls huehuehue brbr. We troll, here "the zuera never ends", carnival and the rest of the year, we party hard! We can buy shit, we want to be part of the rest of the world's cool stuff, we want to play online games, see Hollywood movies, use allstars, drink vodka and eat sushi. We are the nicest among the worst tourists.

But having moni for all that, doesn't mean that we are prepared for this internet interaction in world wide scale though.

We are BAAAD at English or don't even know it if it's to save our lives. Even the ever rich people has bad English, with few exceptions(the ones that put their kids at the PUBLIC(!) University of São Paulo which ranks 81-90th place at world wide University rep... oh well, that's for another rant.

I reckon all these problems of my country, that doesn't make me less affected by it. But I'm making a personal effort to overcome that - I refer to Pay With books Commissions Plan and these journals. I've been a good reader, but I should read more books in English.

I have faith that education can change a nation once it has more value than moni. I was an volunteer teacher. I taught kids how to draw, it's not much comparing to our essential needs, but it's the only thing I'm confident about, I guess I add something. [/rant]

My webcomic Slimy Thief.

Next Journal:
- Pay with books Commissions.
- Family
- Why I dont like contests.
- Art critics sensibility
- How it was to work with
- Piracy
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BlackKnife12 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Filmographer
Hey are you open for commissions? owo
otakon2006 Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014
sidneymt Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014
Yes it's mine.
otakon2006 Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014
Thought as much, figured you'd want to know. Submitter made no mention of you at all in their post.
animeboy12 Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014
With talk about commissions, I have to ask and I'm sorry is this is a question comes of a lot. Are you taking commissions? I can't imagine with a the stuff on your plate. 
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