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Creator of Slimy Thief Webcomic.

I want to make a kickstarter campaign for a Slimy Thief project, what I should make first: 

44 deviants said The printed book.
43 deviants said The runner game.
30 deviants said Neither, you should focus on your current websites.
The year was 2007. 

Expansion fetish was something new for me. I had no idea what was it about. I knew something from my friend :iconkayzer:'s gallery . My first impression was that he liked some disproportional big tits, nothing more than that.

I always had a thing for fantasy adventures and RPG. Then I read The Adventures of Carrlie by :iconsexyjin: it changed my view about expansion, it was so refreshing, the reactions of the characters, the mystical of the body changing. It was really thrilling. Until today sexyjin stories inspires me.

Later I sent a email for the webmaster of (a long dead expansion fetish paysite - one of the firsts in internet), posted some samples on their forum and it was how it began. My first comic was Full of Grace (soon to be published at 2hebubble)

What was really cool about working with expansioncomics, was that I could make any kind of story as long as it had women's body parts growing for some reason. I really enjoyed the creative freedom at such low requirements haha! I can say that I made very cool stories and really awful ones. :)

Then the site began their mysterious recesses. Man, it was really annoying! I can imagine how it was bad for the subscribers and all,  for me it was terrible! I was dependent of their paycheck and it was very irregular, and we all know that bills are punctual. For some time it was my only source of income, I didn't have a good internet presence to back me up that time and the expanding tits portfolio didn't make a good impression in the other art job opportunities.

Gift From Other Space was my last comic with them. One of the most entertaining(fetish sexy wise) I made. It ended abruptly. 

I'm very thankful to work with expansioncomics, I really can't complain(NOW). I can't even imagine what I would be doing today... Maybe I could be a very good artist, maybe I'd be flipping burgers, god knows what. I'm glad I could stay drawing and build such supportive community around me, and still keep my creative freedom.

Today I'm haunted by doubt. I'm doubtful about my comics and storytelling abilities... It's really hard to tell if my comics are cool or it's just an excuse for expanding tits. I try my best, I make a real effort to deliver something new every time I write a story, but I can never know... The only way to be sure is to look for the future and try something new.

Addendum Edit: I see that I didn't made it clear above, but the matter is that I doubt if I can make a good comic that would hold by itself without resource to fetish. 

Just some random rambling today. I needed to talk, I guess. I got to show people that I'm not a drawing machine some times.

If you have any other question that I didn't cover here, please feel free to ask.

My webcomic:

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bloodmaker Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Recently realized this and wanted to ask you about it if you prefer fk discuss in note just tell me.    

Why is it the new swelling invasion has just one form of expansion when the previous had two?
sidneymt Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Expansion Comic dude asked for boobs, fredick said it sucks... So the second one I stuck to the original idea
bloodmaker Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Who's fredick? 
Also its usually a good idea to get your audience's or a larger groups opinion before making a major change to a product. Eh I still love it though.
sidneymt Featured By Owner 4 days ago
He's the writer of the first issue. I kept the same mood and tone for the 2nd and he gave me the kinks to cover.

Yeah kinda good make pools, but it's no point trying to please everybody, because in the end up pleasing nobody.
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red10002 Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2015  Student General Artist
I think you have too much fun with your art and animation
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